The BEST Pillow For Neck Pain

The BEST Pillow For Neck Pain

Chiroflow Pillow offers the most support for the natural curve in your neck, aiding in neck pain
What’s The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

Do You Feel Like You’re Always Searching For The BEST PILLOW For Neck Pain?!

Are you like many of my patients with neck pain that purchase a new pillow every few months because you read that it was the BEST and had helped so many people? Not too long after, you’re completely disappointed because it’s just like every other pillow? Trust me, you are certainly not alone.

We’ve tested hundreds of pillows ourselves throughout the years and the ONLY pillow Dr. Josh and I use nightly and swear by is the Chiroflow Pillow. The Chiroflow pillow is unique in that it is an adjustable pillow, which is great because every person requires different support. You simply add the appropriate amount of water listed on the instructions to increase or decrease firmness. Simple as that.

What's The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?
The Chiroflow Pillow Is the BEST!

Where To Buy The Chiroflow Pillow?

Many local chiropractors sell the Chiroflow Pillow in their office, but I personally think it’s easiest and most cost affective to purchase on Amazon (unfortunately you cannot purchase the pillow from their website, as they don’t sell them individually).

Still Experiencing Neck Pain Even After Using This Pillow?

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If you’re still experiencing neck pain after changing your pillow several times, stretching and exercising, then there may be an underlying cause that is not caused or fixed by your pillow. I suggest seeing your local chiropractor or physical therapist to get to the bottom of what is going on!

Furthermore, looking down at your cell phone or tablet for hours at a time can put a serious strain on your neck and cause neck pain as well, which is why we created The Posture Protector App! The App alerts you by dimming your screen, vibrating or beeping when you slouch while using your mobile device, ensuring you have proper posture to prevent text neck, neck pain and headaches.

Before and after with the Posture Protector App.

Check It Out On The Google Play Store! Posture Protector is available on the Google Play Store

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The Best Pillow For Neck Pain

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