Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices

Do you ever feel like you struggle to eat healthy for breakfast and have trouble choosing what to eat? It is not a myth that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I find it all too often that people are eating processed, high-sugar foods for breakfast, which not only causes energy crashes later in the day, but also doesn’t provide you with many vitamins or minerals. I’ve outlined a few breakfast items that you need to ditch and swap out for a much healthier start to your day.

Eat Steel Cut Oatmeal NOT Cereal

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
Choose steel cut oatmeal with a little fruit for breakfast

Cereal is packed full of useless calories. There is little to no nutrition in every box, not to mention that most cereals are loaded with sugar, artificial dyes and GMO’s. Steel cut oatmeal is a MUCH better choice for breakfast and it’s even called a ‘super food’ by some. Just 1/4 cup of dry oats is packed full of 7 grams of protein, 2 grams of insoluable fiber, a load of B vitamins and ron. Steel cut oats are better for you than rolled oats, due to the way they are processed. Also, because steel cut oatmeal takes longer for your body to digest and break down, you’ll feel fuller for longer.

Eat A Veggie Omlet NOT Pancakes Or Waffles

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
Start your day with vegetables and protein

I know it’s not always easy to cook breakfast, but your health is important! Start your day with a veggie omelet, but be careful not to put a pound of cheese in there, or you’ll likely defeat the whole purpose. I’m also a big fan of veggie scrambles with eggs and hot sauce, to mix things up a bit. Also, watch the seasonings you put on, as excess salt can also send what was a healthy breakfast, right down the drain.

Drink A Smoothie NOT Fruit Juice

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
Have a healthy smoothie to start your day

Processed fruit juice is one of the MOST unhealthy breakfast items that most people think is good for them. If you have a juicer at home and are making a fruit/veggie juice combo, then that is more than ok. It’s the store bought fruit juices that do the damage, packing in as much sugar as a Coca-Cola! Swap the fruit juice and have a real piece of fruit or, better yet, make a smoothie!

Mixing one piece of fruit with some vegetables, coconut/almond milk and ice is a great way to start the day. My go-to-morning smoothie is one banana, 1 cup coconut milk, ice, a handful of kale and half an avocado. YUM!

Eat Plain Greek Yogurt NOT Regular Yogurt

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
If you’re going to eat yogurt, make sure it’s Greek

Many regular yogurts are packed with sugar and artificial colors and flavors. Yikes! The average regular yogurt has 20 grams of sugar compared to Greek, having just around 5g. Greek yogurt is full of protein, calcium and probiotics. Be sure to get PLAIN Greek yogurt to avoid additional sugar. Cut up a banana or throw in a few berries for some real, natural sugars.

Eat 2 Eggs NOT A Protein Bar

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
Throw away the protein bars and eat eggs instead

Protein bars are so popular because they’re fast, convenient and easy. Yet, most bars are PACKED with sugar and artificial ingredients. These additional ingredients include artificial colors, sweeteners, dyes and high-fructose corn syrup. It’s better to just cook up a few eggs or, if you’re always the person that is in a hurry, hard boil a bunch on Sunday to have ready for the week ahead.

Eat Whole Grain Toast NOT A Bagel

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
Whole grain toast is a much better choice than a bagel

Of course I’m a big advocate for giving up bread altogether, but, if you must have your morning carb fix, then swap out those bagels, muffins and other pastries for some whole grain bread. Whole grain bread provides much more nutrients than white bread because it is less refined and processed. Spread some honey on it to sweeten it up, or smash up an avocado and top it with an egg for a delicious and healthy way to start your day. 

Eat A Banana Or Berries NOT A Granola Bar

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
Bananas are always a win

Just like most protein bars are packed with artificial ingredients and lots of sugar, most granola bars are right there with them. Sadly, smart marketing has gotten the best of us over the years and we’ve been taught that these granola bars are a ‘healthy’ breakfast option or mid-day snack. Ditch the granola bars and just eat some real fruit instead. Of course, be conscious about the amount of fruit you are consuming. Don’t consume it in excess just because it’s healthy. All in moderation, my friends.

Drink Black Coffee Or Tea NOT A Cappuccino

Eat This Not That: Healthy Breakfast Choices
Skip the sugary coffees and go black with some coconut oil

Do you love all those sugary coffee drinks from Starbucks? If you’re trying to lose weight or live a healthier life, then it’s time to send them sailing! I literally had a heart attack when I found out that some of their frappuccinos contain 68 grams of sugar! One Krispy Kreme donut contains 12.6 grams of sugar, so one frappuccino is like drinking almost 6 donuts! Even a cappuccino has 10g of sugar and the cafe late 18g.   My go-to morning coffee is  black with a tablespoon of coconut oil to start the day!

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