How to Fix Heartburn Naturally

How to Fix Heartburn Naturally

Do you suffer from heartburn? Are you sick and tired of taking Nexium or eating Tums and Rolaids? In the USA, approximately 20% of the population has heartburn, or GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease).  Fortunately there’s a little known secret out there that is the absolute BEST natural remedy to zap that heartburn right away. It’s also cheap, quick and easy!

What is heartburn exactly?

How to Fix Heartburn Naturally

If you’ve had it before, you’ll know exactly what it is. That burning pain in your throat that literally feels like you’re a fire breathing dragon. Its horribly unpleasant and can truly ruin your day and keep you up all night long. Heartburn comes from having a weak esophageal sphincter (say what?!). Basically the valve that connects your esophagus (food tube) to your stomach doesn’t close properly, so some of the acidic gas in your stomach leaks out. This can causing a burning sensation in the throat, a tight feeling in the chest, bad breath, teeth erosion, stomach pain and many other symptoms. YIKES!

What are the causes heartburn?

How to Fix Heartburn Naturally

There are multiple causes of heartburn, but the most common are smoking, poor diet, and certain medications. Surprisingly, most people think the cause of heartburn is having too much acid, which is a LIE that we’ve been told for years. This lie has kept us going to the store to purchase ant-acid tablets like Tums, Rolaids, Pepsid and even stronger medications like Nexium.

Are you surprised? So were we when we were in college learning bout it! It turns out that when you have heartburn, the acid levels in your stomach are too LOW. When they’re so low, the food in your stomach just sits around and produces gas and pressure, which rises into your esophagus. Long term, this can damage your esophagus, throat and even erode your teeth!

So what foods cause heartburn? Sadly, many of the foods that we love to eat can cause heartburn to rear its ugly head. Chocolate, coffee, fried or fatty foods, soda, and alcohol are just a few. Of course, staying away from the these foods will surely be the best way to avoid getting heartburn in the first place, but what if you just can’t skip pizza night or the girls night out on the town every week? Good news! We’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Tell me how to fix it already!

How to Fix Heartburn Naturally

This, my friends, is a little hidden gem that is not only great for fixing and preventing heartburn, it also has SO many other health benefits!


I had never heard of apple cider vinegar, nor learned its benefits until more recently. The pH of a healthy stomach should be around 1-2. If you’re not familiar with the pH scale, the lower the number, the more acidic a substance is. The higher the number (highest being 14), the more basic a substance is. Remember what we discussed above about how we actually get heartburn because our stomach isn’t acidic enough?  Vinegar’s pH is around 5, so by taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mixing it with a glass of water and drinking it, it will help lower the pH of your stomach, relieving your heartburn. If this doesn’t work within 30 minutes, try another tablespoon in water.

How to Fix Heartburn NaturallyStart every morning with a glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar and you’ll prevent that heartburn from ever showing up in the first place. Not only does this bottle of goodness rid off heart burn, but research show that it aids in reducing body weight and preventing metabolic syndrome. It also helps boost your immune system, warding off colds and the flu! Don’t forget that it”s highly acidic, so be sure to brush your teeth after consuming to avoid enamel damage.

Not all apple cider vinegars are created equal. We like Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar the best because it also contains probiotics and it’s organic.

Feeling relief already? We thought you would! Head over to Amazon and order up a bottle to add apple cider vinegar into your daily routine so you can live a healthier, happier, heartburn-free life!

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