The Posture Protector App® encourages you to correct your posture by alerting you when you hold your device wrong. Poor posture has been linked to scoliosis, headaches and back pain, while good posture has been linked to having more energy, less stress and overall better health. So sit back, relax, and start to form better posture habits. If you are going to be on your phone all day, you might as well not sacrifice your health at the same time!


The Posture Protector App® has three choices for alerting you with bad posture: screen dimmer, vibration, or sound alert

 A built in timer to set a schedule for your alerts

 A report card feature to track and monitor you or your child’s posture as it improves over time

 A custom feed section, with content curated by caring physicians to give you the latest stretches and exercises

 Celebrate your success by sharing your report card and help inspire friends and family members on their own journey to better posture 




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